About A.O.H.

I launched the Adventures of Hannah (A.O.H.) initially as a boutique publishing company for my self-published book titles and to help others through the self-publishing process. My first title, The Dentist and The Toothfairy, was a collaborative effort between artists, editors, designers, and a DJ to publish an illustrated coffee table book with a multi-sensory experience. I managed this team from concept through distribution at art galleries across North America. The book received honorable mention for Best Book Arts Craftsmanship from the Independent Publisher Book Awards.

After branching out as an independent contractor in 2006, I focused A.O.H. more on my passion for writing, marketing and business development; providing brand and content strategies via print, digital and social media campaigns, and business planning for start-ups. The business plan I wrote for Intension Interactive, a new media company that allows consumers to “choose their own adventure” within existing TV and film content, garnered interest from Sony Pictures, NBC, and Deluxe Entertainment.

In 2011, A.O.H. also became a production company for an indie film, House of Bad. As executive producer, I was involved from pre-production through distribution; in charge of financing, budgets, schedules, making key creative decisions, and connecting the film with appropriate marketing channels. The film won fan favorite at the Big Bear Horro-Fi Film Fest.

Dorota Skrzypek is a talented leader that brings ideas to every project, solutions to every problem, and knows how to go from concept to product. A writer with an eye for design, she knows how to produce branded content and tell a story via multiple platforms to a range of audiences.

Check out my portfolio: Dorota Skrzypek Portfolio.




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