Kickstart My Heart

Goodmorning lovely people. This morning, I was on Twitter and came across this fantastic tweet and blog post from former agent and author Nathan Bransford about getting your creative project funded as an independent, and wanted to share the info with you.

The company is called Kickstarter  and in a nut shell, it’s a website where creatives and supporters come together to try to fund a project and make it a reality. Creatives post information about their project, ask for a specific amount of money via pledge levels, and set a deadline for funding. If they meet their funding goal by the deadline, they get the money, if not, no money is exchanged. Very cool, right?

Couple things I noticed: 1) Projects range from books to music, movies, and art installations, and 2) Most people are asking for under $10,000 although I did see a project for $54,743 get funded.

Don’t be shy, but definitely be smart. Read Nathan’s post from independent author Mur Lafferty about how she successfully campaigned to get her book published:

Just goes to show, once again, how there’s always more than one way to skin a cat:)

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